Kombornia used to be picture-perfect pastoral village, huge majestic linden trees surrounding an ancient wooden church, owls hooting at dusk..
The village is still there, stripped of trees and character, unique wood architecture replaced by drab cinder-block slums, a sad result of parochial vandalism and official indifference.
The squat brick structure of the new church towers over the main crossroads, visible from miles, surrounding trees no longer hiding its soap-warehouse silhouette.




The Village



The Old Church

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zip code: 38-421


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Kombornia sketch map

  Road to Wytrząska, ca.1980. Note the Wytrząska oak tree still growing, straight over the man walking in the center of photo

  Fields opposite the cemetary


   Village limits. Cemetary left behind, school and church straight ahead

   The School

   Crossing in the center of the village. Old Boczar house ahead, church to the right

 click to see the old church --->


   The new church
   Old Boczar House

   NW view from behind the parish house


   Old soltys house below the church
    "Doly" - overgrown road to Wygon


Fat Tekla figure at the road to Korczyna, just below the old Post Office

   Old Manor House ("Dwór")
  Spring of St. John of Dukla

































































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